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Digital Pix

NYC Red Ball We collect pictures of Red Stuff we have seen.     Coyote I’m continually working on our Santa Fe pictures.
WBO We volunteer for West Bay Opera: Stage View and Crew View.     Lakeport Cow Field Here are some pictures from Lakeport, where I grew up.
Subway We collect NYC Subway Signs (digitally of course) and I’ve finally started to organize them.     Number 7 And here are some pictures of our Santa Fe Toy House.


Playing with HTML keeps me out of trouble (usually)

Wave ThingWave ThingWave Thing
Website for my
4th Grade Classroom
Bill I learned all I know about html from my cat.
Bill’s Webpage
Cats Tisiphone & Finnegan
Our Two Wild Cats



I’ve finally found the time to play around with Flash…

Alien Bug     

This is my first Flash drawing, an alien bug (freely adapted from a Danger Mouse character). Stan says it looks like the spokesthing for the Avocado Board.

Here is my very first Flash movie, starring the Alien Bug. I had a great time playing with shape and motion tweens.

The Alien Bug appeared in my first Flash website: Skytop Mesa Resort.

This perpetual motion car (sort of modeled after the Citroën 2cv) was one of my first Flash animations.


Animated gifs

I am trying to learn to animate gifs, but I haven’t made much progress so far...
Sneech This is what we call a Maya Sneech, an icon I drew for our Maya Calendar HyperCard stack.
Animated Snail This is Orlovsky, the icon for a partition of my computer. I didn’t draw this one, but I did wiggle his eyestalks and learned how to make him crawl across the screen.
Crawling Snail



After 23 years I finally said good-bye to my trusty Toyota truck. I wanted an electric Tulip (but they aren’t sold in this country for some reason), or an electric Sparrow (but they only have three wheels), or a nifty little iCar (but they are only virtual at this point in time) so I finally ended up with this adorable hybrid Honda Insight, codenamed Zorb, which gets great gas mileage and is lots of fun to drive.
Tulip Sparrow iCar
Tulip Sparrow iCar



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