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La Fonda Summer 1998
We stayed at the La Fonda Hotel, rediscovered Ghost Ranch, went to Taos, walked down Canyon Road, explored the city of Santa Fe, and looked at houses.
Ghost Ranch

Weston Hand Winter Solstice 1998
We saw our first Santa Fe snow, found an amazing blue door leading nowhere, made our first farolitos, discovered the Weston Gallery, and nearly froze to death taking our first farolito walk down Canyon Road.
Blue Door

Galaxy Summer 1999
We stayed at Lightning Ranch (where you are NOT allowed to take pictures), stumbled across the Very Large Array, discovered a wonderful diner in Flagstaff, painted our front door teal, and bought far too many lamps.

Ranchos de Taos Winter Solstice 1999
We finally found that famous church at Ranchos de Taos, made a whole row of farolitos, took the Canyon Road farolito walk, played pokéman, and it snowed!

Hand Wall Spring 2000
This time we actually got around to the east side of that famous church at Ranchos de Taos, journeyed to Chimayo, and the lilacs bloomed!

Ladder Summer 2000
We searched for troglodytes along the Tsankawi Trail, found a great tavern in Madrid, explored Las Vegas (NM), and realized that a little water goes a long way in the desert of Santa Fe.

Arts Winter Solstice 2000
We found two of Santa Fe’s three colleges, followed the trail of Billy the Kid, discovered two new diners, reveled in the Christmas Day snowstorm, and realized that installing a new dishwasher in a very old house is not a simple task.

Brown Spring 2001
We admired the apricot tree in full bloom, tried to figure out exactly which shade of brown our house is currently painted, and continued the dishwasher installation odessy.

Gears Summer 2001
My parents came to visit and we showed them old favorite spots like Ranchos de Taos and Taos Pueblo, found an incredible mill in the Mora Valley, explored Fort Union, and finally spotted the elks that have eluded us for years. Then we explored the Santa Fe Ski Area and rafted the Rio Grande.
Fort Union

Inks Winter Solstice 2001
We took the traditional farolito walk on a surprisingly warm night, discovered the town of Stanley, toured Santa Fe with Emily, had fun trudging around in the snow, skiied for the first time ever, and never quite got around to painting designs on the closet doors.

Purple Tree Spring 2002
Our two-dimensional tree surprised us with brillant purple blossoms, Stan convinced me to climb up to the roof for the first (and probably last!) time, Santa Fe entered Stage 3 drought regulations, Stan fought the Doomsday machine (water softener) and won, we met the skunk that turns over the rocks in the garden, and I finally painted designs on two of the doors.

Sedona Summer 2002
We visited Lake Havasu, Earp, found a Shoe Tree in the middle of the desert, and admired the red rocks of Sedona.
Shoe Tree

Window Winter Solstice 2002
We walked all around Santa Fe, bought an incredible red chest, measured the temperature everywhere with my new temperature clock, and snowshoed for the very first time.

Winter Solstice 2003
We took the traditional farolito walk with Kathy and Bob, snowshoed at Big Tesuque and Winsor Trail, spent many hours trying to figure out our furnace, rediscovered the San Francisco Street Bar & Grill, and finally trimmed and hung two closet doors.

Winter Solstice 2004
We took the traditional farolito walk with Emily, Lynn, Jeanne, Deb, Dan, and David. We wore strobing hat lights and worked up a F-A-R-O-L-I-T-O chant in order to find each other in the crowd. Bob, Janie, and Mitch joined us for snowshoeing at Aspen Grove. We went to Pecos with Emily, who discovered the true meaning of the “Soft Shoulder” signs, and to Petroglyphs.

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