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The courtyard of the Visual Arts Center of the College of Santa Fe looks surreal in the snow.

Cactus Ornament

I admired this street decoration Santa Fe style for several days before making a special trip to take its picture.
Courtyard      Cactus Ornament
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Dish Brush

Still wearing its elegant cravat before departing with Emily for the wilds of Chicago.


Which really didn’t need weighing, but looked so nice on the red scale.
Dish Brush      Eggs
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Ink Bottles

Snug on the kitchen windowsill, these ink bottles watch the snow swirl on the patio in Santa Fe.


My new favorite red thing is my Honda Insight, resting here by the shores of Clear Lake after recording 74.6 MPG for a complete circumnavigation.
Inks      Zorb
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El Comedor

You will need the snow to cool off after eating some of the “Northern New Mexico” food at El Comedor in Santa Fe.

Rhino Transport

Zorb isn’t supposed to carry more than 365 total pounds, but has no trouble transporting this fully inflated rhino (created by Niki de Saint Phalle).
El Comedor      Rhino
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Red Wall

This wonderful red wall is right next to that famous church at Ranchos de Taos, which is not at all red.


The red cliffs in Sedona are incredible even when the temperature soars over 90º F.
Ranchos de Taos      Sedona
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Red Emperor Tulips

Are especially beautiful in the rain.


And they look great in the pale winter California sun posing next to this wheelbarrow with coral bells dancing in attendance.
Tulips      Wheelbarrow
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Red Berries

These red berries glow in the California winter rain.

Red Berries

These red berries are highlighted against the New Mexico winter snow.
Berries      Red Berries
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Galaxy Stools

Our favorite place to eat in Flagstaff, Arizona, is on these red stools at the Galaxy diner.

Shoe Tree

We found this red pump (and many other shoes) hanging in a tree in the middle of the desert somewhere between Earp and Quartzite. Or maybe it was a mirage…
Galaxy Stools      Shoe Tree
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Ghost Light

Burning on the empty stage at Lucie Stern Theater after a rehearsal for Madama Butterfly.


During West Bay Opera’s 1999 production of Madama Butterfly.
Ghost Light      Sunset
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Robot Man

Heading out across the lunar surface (actually an internal adobe wall).


Is ready to strike the set at West Bay Opera.
RobotMan      Ego
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Red Ladder

These red ladders were all around The Lake in Central Park. We are guessing they are to rescue idiots who venture out on the spring ice.

Chicken in Lights

This wonderful chicken sign is from the Williams Bar-B-Q at 2350 Broadway in New York City.
Red Ladder      Chicken
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Red Pole

There are many mysterious red poles at the Santa Fe Ski Area Base Camp. We don’t know what this little building is for either.

Lila Acheson Wallace Wing

Soaking up the sun on a chilly April day in the Lila Acheson Wallace Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Red Pole      Met Flowers
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