This is Us —
Tisiphone and Finnegan.

We are Cats.

We were feral cats. Now we’re just wild.


We were born about January 20, 2000, on the roof of Marie Callender’s Pies in Morgan Hill. When we were about two months old we were trapped by Town Cats volunteers who took us to the vet and fed us and posted our adorable kitten pictures on their website.

This makes us about 35 in dog years. But luckily we are not dogs…

We like all kinds of toy mice (hint, hint).

Our people adopted us May 1, 2000, when we were still quite fierce; we would hiss and scratch when we were scared. We slept cuddled together in a cardboard box. We stayed in a cage for several weeks.

Tisiphone was named after one of the Furies and I became Finnegan because I was rarely awake. Tisiphone looks like she is wearing a tuxedo and has a face like a checkerboard. At first you might think I have brown stripes, but they are really spots.

Now we can run loose in the house. We thunder up and down the hall and pounce on each other. Tisiphone likes to climb up on the trunk (where she is not supposed to go) and jump to the reference books (where she is really not supposed to go). She moves so fast she is usually just a blur. But sometimes she gets caught in an awkward position or soaking up the last rays of the sunset.

Mainly we do a lot of cat napping. We like to sleep jumbled up together on the bed. I like to hide on the couch and sleep on the red blanket. Tisiphone is more of a scaredy cat and usually keeps watch, even while we pose like bookends on top of the couch. I also like to curl up on the orange pillow and in the green chair. I am working on being a lap cat, but haven’t quite mastered the correct position. One day Tisiphone found a cosy new napping place in the hall, but it wasn’t there very long. So I had to share my new napping basket with Tisiphone who finds it very cosy.

Tisiphone tried to take up chess, but just couldn’t concentrate on the problems so she has decided to guard Stan’s record collection while I work on my Superman flying style.

Sometimes I pretend to be an Egyptian cat sculpture, but I have a short attention span.

My very favorite toy is a paper sack, but this computer game also keeps me amused for minutes on end.

We are inside cats, but I am learning to wear a purple leash so I can listen to bugs on the grass.

Bill We hear a lot about Bill, who was the first cat in the family to have a webpage and taught our people all they know about HTML. Bill left his Powerbook for us and we study HTML when we aren't playing, eating, or sleeping.

Nap I have my own email address and will answer your message when I wake up from my nap. You can also visit the web page of my person. I try to keep this page up to date. The last time I could fit it into my very busy schedule was sometime in August 2005.

Note: Finnegan and Tisiphone have passed into the great Cat Beyond where they are happily napping.