music and words by Kirke Mechem
from the play Le Tartuffe ou l'Imposteur by Jean-Baptiste Molière

Conductor: David Sloss, Director: Kenneth Tigar
Set & Costume Design: Richard W. Battle, Lighting Design: Chad Bonaker, Sound Design: Jack E. Wilkinson

Madame Pernelle Mme. Pernelle Orgon (Constance Howard) points out the faults she sees in Damis (Michael Strelo-Smith), Mariane (Sylvia Eowyn Bloom), Dorine (Aimée Puentes), and Elmire (Rachel Michelberg), while her maid Flipote (Mia Tova Lieberman) waits at the door with her luggage.
Stained Glass Orgon (Eric Coyne) remembers the fervor of Tartuffe's piety in church.
Marriage Orgon (Eric Coyne) tries to persuade his daughter Mariane (Sylvia Eowyn Bloom) to marry Tartuffe while the maid Dorine (Aimée Puentes) points out the absurdity of his plan.
Suicide Mariane (Sylvia Eowyn Bloom) decides that suicide is the only resolution to her predicament and prepares "the bitter cup of Morpheus" but Dorine (Aimée Puentes) prevents her from "dying happily ever after."
Sorrow Mariane (Sylvia Eowyn Bloom) and Valère (Kurt Alakulppi) envision a life of sorrow apart as Dorine (Aimée Puentes) chaperones.

Duo Tartuffe (James Akin) explains to Elmire (Darla Wigginton) that like other men he is made of flesh and blood and bone, and the heart that beats within his breast is not made of stone. In fact, his pious attitude does not blind him to pulchritude.
Mariane Mariane (Sylvia Eowyn Bloom) begs her father Orgon (Eric Coyne) not to make her marry Tartuffe (James Akin) as Damis (Michael Strelo-Smith), Valère (Brian Staufenbiel), Elmire (Darla Wigginton), and Dorine (Aimée Puentes) sympathize.

Hiding Hidden under the table, Orgon (Eric Coyne) faints dead away when Tartuffe (James Akin) tries to seduce Elmire (Rachel Michelberg).
The Bailiff The Bailiff (Michael Strelo-Smith) reveals his secret identity and the plan to trap Tartuffe to Elmire (Rachel Michelberg), Dorine (Aimée Puentes), Orgon (Eric Coyne), Mme. Pernelle (Constance Howard), and Flipote (Mia Tova Lieberman).
The King's Envoy The King's Envoy (Sylvia Eowyn Bloom) greets Tartuffe (James Akin) as the Police (Kurt Alakulppi) and the Bailiff (Michael Strelo-Smith) restrain Orgon (Eric Coyne). Elmire (Rachel Michelberg), Flipote (Mia Tova Lieberman), Mme. Pernelle (Constance Howard), Servant (Will Beckett), and Dorine (Aimée Puentes) watch.
The Happy Couple The happy couple — Valère (Kurt Alakulppi) and Mariane (Sylvia Eowyn Bloom) — circled by Mme. Pernelle (Constance Howard), Damis (Michael Strelo-Smith), Dorine (Aimée Puentes), Servant (Will Beckett), Elmire (Rachel Michelberg), and Orgon (Eric Coyne).

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