music and words by Kirke Mechem
from the play Le Tartuffe ou l'Imposteur by Jean-Baptiste Molière

The Program

DATES: February 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 2001

General Director & Music Director: David Sloss
Stage Director: Kenneth Tigar*
Set & Costume Design: Richard W. Battle
Lighting Designer: Chad Bonnaker
Sound Designer: Jack Wilkinson


CAST (in order of appearance)

February 16, 18, 24
February 17, 23, 25
Mme. Pernell, Orgon’s mother
Constance Howard
Elmire, Orgon’s second wife
Rachel Michelberg
Darla Wigginton
Dorine, Mariane’s maid
Aimée Puentes
Mariane, Orgon’s daughter
Sylvia Eowyn Bloom*
Damis, Orgon’s son
Michael Strelo-Smith
Orgon, a wealthy Parisian
Eric Coyne
Valère, Mariane’s fiancé
Kurt Alakulppi*
Brian Staufenbiel
Tartuffe, a hypocrite
James Akin
Flipote, Mme. Pernelle’s maid
Mia Tova Lieberman
Orgon’s Servant
Will Beckett

* First appearance with West Bay Opera

Violin I: Virginia Smedberg (concertmaster), Sofia Fojas, Alice Kennelly, Eric Liang, Tina Minn
Violin II: Margaret Hall, Frida Pukhachevskaya, Janet Galbraith, Rachel Magnus Hartman
Viola: Camber Charlot, Stephen Moore
Cello: Kris Yenney, Dina Weinshelbaum
Bass: Christy Crews
Flute/Piccolo: Danielle Marks
Oboe: Peter Lemberg
Clarinet: Bill Wohlmacher
Bassoon: Alice Benjamin
: Zach Maupin
Trumpet: Jay Rizzetto
Trombone: Craig Whitwell
Percussion: Don Baker
Harp: Marianne Wilson

Production Manager: Michele Sullivan-Williamson
Technical Director: Jean-François Revon
Assistant Technical Director: Jeffery Palmer
Accompanists: Veronika Agranov-Dafoe, Charles Calhoun, Leesa Dahl, Michael Touchi
Orchestra Manager: Christy Crews
Supernumerary Captain: Will Beckett
Choreographer: Kimberley Stinson
Stage Managers: Barbara Sinasohn, Christopher Tani
Assistant Stage Manager: Jennifer Hsu
Assistant Lighting Designer: Chris Hoo
Lighting Board Operator: Corinne Barrows
Master Electrician: Bob Vaughan
Technical Run Manager: Jack E. Wilkinson
Sound Board Operator: Lucinda Surber
Projected Text Operator: Stan Ulrich
Make-up Design: Marc Tarasco
Hair & Wig Design: Rande Harris
Costume Coordinator: Maria Crush
Costumière: Taisia Nikonishchenko
Wardrobe Supervisor: Michelle Louden
Milliner: Marcy Bethel Frank
Costume Accessories: Bernie Ross
Scenic Artist: Peter Crompton
Scenic Painter, Set Decoration: Pat Campbell
Properties Design: Joan Sommerfield
Properties Manager: Rosalie Banta
Crew Chief: Rudy Schroeter

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