Les contes d’Hoffmann
(Tales of Hoffmann)

music by Jacques Offenbach
libretto by libretto by Jules Barbier
from the play of the same name by Barbier and Michel Carré

Conductor: Henry Mollicone, Director: David F. Ostwald
Set Design: Jean-François Revon, Costume Design: Callie Floor, Lighting Design: Chad Bonaker

Prologue: Luther’s Tavern
Tavern The Spirits of Wine and Beer sing as Hoffmann (John McQuaide) collapses against the wall.
Lindorf Lindorf (Michael Morris) plots the seduction of Stella to thwart Hoffmann.

ACT I: Home of the Inventor Spalanzani
Olympia Spalanzani (Christopher Fernandez) wakes up his robot daughter, Olympia (Marina Lucia Torres).
Olympia Hoffmann (Gabriel Reoyo-Pazos) tells Nicklausse (Elspeth Franks) that he adores Olympia (Marina Lucia Torres) though he has not yet spoken with her.
Olympia Coppélius (Kirk Eichelberger) tries to sell Hoffmann (Benoît Gendron) a pair of magic glasses so that he can see Olympia (Marina Lucia Torres) better as Nicklausse (Sonia Gariaeff) watches.
Olympia Spalanzani (Christopher Fernandez) introduces Olympia (Marina Lucia Torres) to his guests, including Hoffmann (Gabriel Reoyo-Pazos).
Olympia When the other guests go in to supper, Hoffmann (Benoît Gendron) is left alone with Olympia (Marina Lucia Torres) who is controlled by the harp played by Cochenille (Mark D. Lew).
Olympia Coppélius (Michael Morris) plots to destroy Olympia when he learns that Spalanzani has cheated him.
Olympia Spalanzani (Christopher Fernandez) weeps over pieces of his robot daughter as Coppélius (Kirk Eichelberger) gloats in revenge. The party guests laugh at Hoffmann (Benoît Gendron), who is devastated to discover that Olympia was only a robot.

ACT II: Crespel’s Home in Munich
Frantz Frantz (Christopher Fernandez) explains that it isn’t his voice that’s the problem, simply that he doesn’t have the proper technique.
Antonia Hoffmann (Benoît Gendron) and Antonia (Karen Frankenstein) sing a love song together.
Antonia Doctor Miracle (Michael Morris) convinces Crespel (Eric Coyne) to let him examine his daughter as Hoffmann (Gabriel Reoyo-Pazos) eavesdrops.
Antonia Doctor Miracle commands Antonia (Karen Frankenstein) to sing as Crespel (Eric Coyne) worries about the effect on her health and Hoffmann (Benoît Gendron) eavesdrops.

ACT III: Giulietta’s Venetian Mansion
Giulietta Dappertutto (Kirk Eichelberger) displays the diamond he will use to convince Giulietta to betray Hoffmann.
Reflection Hoffmann (Benoît Gendron) is distraught when he realizes that Giulietta (Narelle Yeo) has stolen his reflection to give to Dappertutto (Kirk Eichelberger).

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